Bradford Licensing is committed to developing and expanding comprehensive licensing programs in an atmosphere that combines the highest level of professionalism with innovative and top quality interpersonal services. Along with global extension capabilities, Bradford strives on creativity and enhanced technology, welcoming the promises and challenges of the 21st century.


We have been made aware of a fraudulent situation occurring in the Licensing industry. We want to make sure all licensing professionals are aware that our company Bradford Licensing LLC has no affiliation with a “Bradford Agents” or “Frank Tucker”, “Debbie Adams”, “Claire Bastin” or anyone that claims to be a part of our Bradford family. They do not have any legal authority to make contracts on behalf of Bradford Licensing LLC nor our clients. Feel free to check with me directly to confirm any discussions you may be having with other parties to ensure it is authentic. We have had several inquiries stemming from the EMEA, Russian, and Eurasia regions recently so please be aware of your dealings, and we are sorry to hear there are fraudulent activities happening in our industry. Please help to spread this message so no other agencies fall victim to this scam.

Thank you,
Michelle Minieri
President, Bradford Licensing LLC