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Mountain Dew isn't just a beverage. It’s a storied brand, built on a powerful mindset and a long, exhilarating history. The bold flavor of Dew is formulated to fuel creativity, adventure and passion; it’s positioned to elevate experiences. Mountain Dew is something many people can relate to; with passionate fans all over the world. It’s always new and classic, all at the same time—and its authenticity shines through.

The Dew brand champions innovation on every level. It takes risks, and empowers drinkers to master the art of trying new things. Dew has always been on the leading edge of emerging culture, turning fresh ideas into inclusive opportunities.

Mountain Dew is more than just a soft drink. It’s an expression, an experience and a way of life. To Do The Dew is to be the best you—and we aim to fuel that opportunity every single day.